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Start Change is a Social Enterprise, our commitment to provide intersectional programmes aimed at improving the wellbeing and socio-economical status of communities of colour throughout the whole of England is unparalleled. We deem It vital that the Government and its Departments work with organisations like ourselves to reach the overwhelming needs of those communities that are and have been most impacted by the Pandemic Covid-19. Our core targeted areas of community-led working interventions and support have evidenced the importance and impact of delivering services across the areas of employment, further education, housing, health and well-being, social care, immigration, social engagement, as well as the criminal justice system.

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote and increase social change across our society. We exist to empower vulnerable individuals and communities to gain the right tools and attitudes to fulfil their dreams and to contribute to having a socially fair and sustainable society. Start Change supports BAME, people with disabilities, and ethnic communities, to address the sources of the inequality they face through the lens of intersectionality at grassroots, regional and national levels. We are an organisation that has been specifically set up, aimed and tailored towards helping and supporting key specific disenfranchised communities

Our Expertise And Guarantee

Our team has years of experience reaching out and providing many different types of deliverable quantitative programs that have enabled many assisted and educational measurable outcomes to our specific target groups that we are wishing to engage with. We have an extensive UK-wide network, that has been cultivated and nurtured over many decades, along with the organisations Executive Director Julie Jaye Charles (former Chief Executive of ENC) who's personal work and many achievements spanning well over 30+ years, places our organisation with having something very different, special, and unique offering from almost if not all the other current service providers throughout England.

Customer Focus

Our focus as an organisation is solely aimed towards marginalised people and communities that full in between the cracks within the system as is, due to so many providers of services and care that unfortunately often can find it a real struggle to offer the privilege of care and help to our target group, that is functionally able to be offered and provided to the wider society on a whole. We have been fortunate to be able to be a part of many past initiatives, projects, and specialist programs aimed towards reaching BAME, people with disabilities, and ethnic communities where they are at, and empower them, to believe in themselves, and to becoming active members and people of their own rights within the wider community, to entering full time higher education, as well as full-time employment.  

We have data specific to the numbers of BAME disabled people in each local authority throughout the UK, and as the updated census is due to come into effect within the next couple of months we deem the figures to increase considerably due to the deaths, long Covid and the long term effects of the Pandemic on our communities and across the UK.

Our #1 Service Choice

Advocacy and Mentoring, is our tool of choice, we have found this to invoke significant lasting social impact towards positive change.  

Promote and Increase Social Change Across Our Society

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